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SPREE, making of
(2013 - 2015) 

I had stopped going to high school at the end of my sophomore year to focus on a feature film project which would ultimately fall apart. Still reeling from that disappointment, we (my ex-classmates and I) set our sights on another film—an "easier" film—that could be completed before everyone graduated and went their separate ways. Spree is that movie; An angsty and choppy and somewhat satisfying but mostly unsuccessful film, that embodies our rejection of (what we felt like were) the expectations of young filmmakers then. We committed every available weekend over two years of our lives to make what was functionally a black-and-white chamber piece with almost no dialogue, action, or even the basic levels of gore you might expect from a horror movie. An intentional iconoclast. In that, for better or for worse, I believe we achieved our goal and, despite not being a serious narrative or financial success, the film ended up being the greatest thing that any young filmmaker could wish for: honest. It's a movie that is true to who we were and what we wanted. And I would be thrilled to ever again make something half as assured and confident.

Here's a look back behind the scenes at that passing time, where nothing seemed to matter except the movie.


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